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The Hidden Philanthropist Podcast

The Art of Giving Back

The Hidden Philanthropist is not just another podcast. It represents a fresh, new perspective on the art of giving back.

Serving as a platform where philanthropists can truly shine, inspire others, encourage meaningful action and lead by example, The Hidden Philanthropist podcast engages listeners through the power of storytelling.

With each episode, The Hidden Philanthropist podcast brings forth the stories of remarkable individuals who have dedicated their lives to philanthropy, have explored ways of giving back to their communities in whatever way they can, or have taken a leap of faith to bring their philanthropic dreams to life. 

These inspiring individuals, both household names and anonymous givers, share their journeys, triumphs and challenges, and offering a glimpse into the world of philanthropy that goes beyond financial contributions. They represent a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, motivations and strengths that they uniquely weave into the art of giving back.

Your Host, Andrew Purdie

Through the intimate and authentic conversations facilitated by TV personality and property developer Andrew Purdie, you will gain insight into the motivations and inspirations that drive these philanthropists. The philanthropy podcast showcases the transformative power of giving back, highlighting how acts of kindness and generosity can make a lasting impact on individuals, communities and society as a whole.

The Hidden Philanthropist goes beyond simply presenting stories; it provides a space for listeners to learn, reflect and take action. It aims to empower individuals who aspire to make a difference but may be unsure where to start. By sharing diverse perspectives and strategies, the podcast encourages and guides listeners on their own philanthropic journeys.

A Resounding Response From Guests and Listeners Alike

In each episode, The Hidden Philanthropist offers a unique blend of entertainment and education. Since launching, the series has captured the attention of listeners with engaging narratives, captivating anecdotes and thought-provoking insights. The discussions delve into the complexities and nuances of philanthropy, tackling topics such as sustainable giving, social impact and innovative approaches to creating change.

The first series launched in early 2023 with esteemed guests including Reverend Tim Costello, Dr Charlie Teo and Father Bob Maguire. The second series which launched in mid 2023  featured podcasts with and incredible array of guests from Moira Kelly, Hugh Mackay and Daniel Flynn to Chyka Keebaugh and Jeremy Meltzer.

Listeners can expect an immersive experience, as The Hidden Philanthropist podcast transports them into the world of giving back that explores the power of compassion, empathy and determination. Whether it’s a personal revelation, a new perspective or a specific idea to implement, each episode of The Hidden Philanthropist podcast sparks a desire for positive change.

In this ever-evolving world, where the need for philanthropic endeavours has never been greater, The Hidden Philanthropist encourages listeners to recognise their own potential to contribute and make a meaningful impact. Through this philanthropy podcast, the art of giving back takes centre stage, reminding us all of the transformative power of compassion and the profound difference we can make in the lives of others.



We Want to Hear From You

At The Hidden Philanthropist, we are passionate about discovering individuals who are making a positive impact on the world. We believe there are countless unsung heroes out there and we want to bring their stories to light. But we also value the input and suggestions of our listeners. That’s why we invite you to be a part of the conversation and let us know who you want to hear from in the coming seasons!

Perhaps there’s a specific individual you admire or a local organisation in your community that is making a significant difference. Maybe there’s a particular cause or issue that you’re passionate about and would like us to explore further. Whatever it may be, we want to ensure that The Hidden Philanthropist podcast aligns with your interests and provides the content that resonates with you.


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