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“Growing up in a low-income single parent home, I spent much of my childhood experiencing my mother’s unwavering sacrifice. She always put my sister and I first, and often went without so that we didn’t have to.

My mum’s truly selfless and empathetic approach to life is something I will never forget. It shaped my growing up years as a boy and became the foundation of the man I am today…

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Giving back to the community was always going to play a significant role in my life. Firstly, out of respect for my mother’s sacrifice, and because I am committed to the discipline of having an empathetic approach to life.

Now more than ever I have a clear vision of what I want my life to stand for – not for what I can accumulate, but for what I can share. This is not simply a willingness to financially sacrifice for the benefit of those in need of financial help. It’s a genuine desire to share my time, my hands, my resources- the essentials in life that we as a community often take for granted.

It’s my time to give back. Launching The Purdie Foundation has finally given me a platform for helping those in need. Reflecting on my ‘why’, I knew it wasn’t for the exposure, acknowledgement or recognition. My ‘why’ is simply to share my knowledge, wealth and expertise in the most effective way possible.”

Andrew Purdie



To create a family legacy that facilitates organised, systematic and targeted giving to those in need within our community.

To provide an opportunity for less formal education aimed at developing core life skills for all age groups in Australia.

To provide prizes and scholarships to children, youth and young adults in Australia.

To advance social and public welfare by relieving the needs of poverty stricken, distressed or disadvantaged individuals or families.