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Growing up in a low-income single parent home, I spent much of my childhood experiencing my mother’s unwavering sacrifice. She always put my sister and I first, and often went without so that we didn’t have to. My mum’s truly selfless and empathetic approach to life is something I will never forget. It shaped my growing up years as a boy and became the foundation of the man I am today.

Giving back to the community was always going to play a significant role in my life. Firstly, out of respect for my mother’s sacrifice, and because I am committed to the discipline of having an empathetic approach to life.

Now more than ever I have a clear vision of what I want my life to stand for – not for what I can accumulate, but for what I can share. This is not simply a willingness to financially sacrifice for the benefit of those in need of financial help. It’s a genuine desire to share my time, my hands, my resources- the essentials in life that we as a community often take for granted.

It’s my time to give back. Launching The Purdie Foundation has finally given me a platform for helping those in need. Reflecting on my ‘why’, I knew it wasn’t for the exposure, acknowledgement or recognition. My ‘why’ is simply to share my knowledge, wealth and expertise in the most effective way possible.

So I decided to go on a journey of discovery, and launching The Hidden Philanthopist podcast was the perfect vehicle for my research. Through geniune conversations we uncover and discover individuals who have experienced immense personal reward for their philanthropic efforts. We talk to thought leaders and entrepreneurs, culture changers and creatives, chat with Founders and CEOs and speak with those who have travelled a path less ordinary. The Hidden Philanthropist explores the why, the how and the ways in which those who can give back, do.

So what does philanthropy actually mean?

Philanthropy refers to the act of promoting the welfare of others and contributing to the betterment of society. While financial donations are certainly a significant way to support causes and organizations, there are numerous other ways individuals can give back to their communities – through personal involvement, time, skills, and resources.

1. Volunteering: By dedicating your time and energy, you can actively contribute to various causes and organisations. Whether it’s working at a local shelter, tutoring children, cleaning up the environment, or assisting in fundraising events, volunteering allows you to make a direct, hands-on difference in the lives of others.

2. Mentorship: Sharing your knowledge and experience through mentorship can have a profound impact on someone’s life. By guiding and supporting individuals who can benefit from your expertise, such as students, aspiring professionals, or individuals facing challenges, you help them develop skills, gain confidence, and achieve their goals.

3. Skill-based contributions: Everyone possesses unique skills and talents that can be utilized for the greater good. Offering your expertise, such as providing pro bono services in your professional field, teaching a workshop or class, or using your artistic abilities to create murals or designs for community spaces, can contribute significantly to organizations and initiatives in need.

4. Donation of goods: While financial contributions are not the only way to donate, donating physical goods can also make a difference. You can give away clothing, books, furniture, or other items to individuals or organizations that support those in need. Additionally, contributing to food drives, toy drives, or similar initiatives can help alleviate hunger and provide comfort to those facing difficult circumstances.

5. Spreading awareness: Sometimes, raising awareness and educating others about important issues can be just as impactful as financial donations. Utilize your voice, social media platforms, or public speaking opportunities to shed light on causes, campaigns, or initiatives that require attention. By informing and inspiring others, you can ignite a ripple effect of change and mobilize collective action.

6. Organizing community events: Take the initiative to organize or participate in community events and initiatives that promote social cohesion, civic engagement, and personal development. This could include organizing a neighborhood cleanup day, hosting a charity run or walk, initiating a community garden, or arranging cultural events that celebrate diversity and foster inclusivity.

7. Board and committee involvement: Consider joining the board or committee of a nonprofit organization. By offering your expertise, knowledge, and insights, you can help shape the strategic direction of the organization, contribute to decision-making processes, and provide guidance to ensure the effective delivery of services.

8. Environmental stewardship: Show your commitment to the environment by engaging in eco-friendly practices. This can involve participating in tree-planting initiatives, organizing recycling drives, supporting local sustainability projects, reducing personal carbon footprint, or advocating for policies and practices that promote environmental preservation.

9. Blood and organ donation: Donating blood or registering as an organ donor can have a life-saving impact. These acts of giving can help individuals who require transfusions or organ transplants to overcome health challenges and improve their quality of life.

10. Emotional support and empathy: Sometimes, the most meaningful way to give back is by offering emotional support and empathy to those in need. By being a listening ear, providing comfort, and showing compassion to individuals facing difficulties, you contribute to their well-being and foster a sense of connectedness within the community.

Remember, philanthropy comes in many forms, and each act of giving, regardless of its nature, can have a profound impact on the lives of individuals and communities. By finding the method that resonates with you the most, you can really make a difference.

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